Current NAI Fellows

FELLOWS Institution YEAR State
Achilefu, Samuel I. Washington University in St. Louis 2017 Missouri
Aebischer, Patrick Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne 2013 Switzerland
Agonafer, Dereje The University of Texas at Arlington 2017 Texas
Agrawal, C. Mauli The University of Texas at San Antonio 2015 Texas
Agrawal, Dharma P. University of Cincinnati 2012 Ohio
Agrawal, Rakesh Purdue University 2013 Indiana
Akopian, David The University of Texas at San Antonio 2016 Texas
Aksay, Ilhan A. Princeton University 2014 New Jersey
Alderucci, Dean P. The University of Chicago 2015 Illinois
Ali, Kamal S. Jackson State University 2016 Mississippi
Alivisatos, A. Paul University of California, Berkeley 2016 California
Allbritton, Nancy L. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2014 North Carolina
Allebach, Jan P. Purdue University 2014 Indiana
Allen, Mark G. University of Pennsylvania 2017 Pennsylvania
Allison, James P. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 2017 Texas
Alving, Carl R. Walter Reed Army Institute of Research 2016 Maryland
Amano, Hiroshi Nagoya University 2017 Japan
Ambati, Jayakrishna University of Virginia 2015 Virginia
Anastassiou, Dimitris Columbia University 2013 New York
Anderson, Iver E. Iowa State University 2015 Iowa
Anderson, Richard R. Massachusetts General Hospital 2017 Massachusetts
Andersson, Leif Texas A&M University and Uppsala University 2017 Texas
Angel, J. Roger P. The University of Arizona 2017 Arizona
Anseth, Kristi S. University of Colorado Boulder 2015 Colorado
Apblett, Allen W. Oklahoma State University 2015 Oklahoma
Apelian, Diran Worcester Polytechnic Institute 2017 Massachusetts
Arastoopour, Hamid Illinois Institute of Technology 2016 Illinois
Armstrong, Daniel W. The University of Texas at Arlington 2014 Texas
Arnold, Frances H. California Institute of Technology 2014 California
Arntzen, Charles J. Arizona State University 2015 Arizona

* indicates deceased
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