Current NAI Fellows

FELLOWS Institution YEAR State
Lagally, Max G. University of Wisconsin-Madison 2012 Wisconsin
Lovell, Michael R. Marquette University 2013 Wisconsin
Lee, Fred C. Virginia Tech 2017 Virginia
Lewis, Frank L. The University of Texas at Arlington 2013 Texas
Litvinov, Dmitri University of Houston 2013 Texas
Luss, Dan University of Houston 2012 Texas
Liu, Yilu The University of Tennessee, Knoxville 2016 Tennessee
Lee, Wen-Hwa China Medical University 2014 Taiwan
Liao, James C. Academia Sinica 2015 Taiwan
Lin, Shinn-Zong Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital 2012 Taiwan
Lu, Chih-Yuan National Taiwan University 2017 Taiwan
Lee, Sang Yup Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 2017 South Korea
Lee, Virginia M.-Y. University of Pennsylvania 2012 Pennsylvania
Lee, Sunggyu Ohio University 2015 Ohio
Lefkowitz, Robert J. Duke University 2015 North Carolina
Ligler, Frances S. North Carolina State University 2016 North Carolina
Landry, Donald W. Columbia University 2015 New York
Leong, Kam W. Columbia University 2013 New York
Linhardt, Robert J. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2014 New York
López, Gabriel P. The University of New Mexico 2016 New Mexico
Lawrence, Victor B. Stevens Institute of Technology 2012 New Jersey
Lowman, Anthony M. Rowan University 2015 New Jersey
Larkins, Brian A. University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2012 Nebraska
Linder, James University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2014 Nebraska
Leuthardt, Eric C. Washington University in St. Louis 2017 Missouri
Lodge, Jennifer K. Washington University in St. Louis 2016 Missouri
Loftin, R. Bowen University of Missouri 2012 Missouri
Langer, Robert S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2012 Massachusetts
Lewis, Jennifer A. Harvard University 2015 Massachusetts
Li, Chiang J. Harvard University 2014 Massachusetts

* indicates deceased
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