Current NAI Fellows

FELLOWS Institution YEAR State
Moo-Young, H. Keith Washington State University - Tri Cities 2016 Washington
Mealey, Katrina L. Washington State University 2016 Washington
Meng, Xiang-Jin Virginia Tech 2014 Virginia
Moses, Harold L. Vanderbilt University 2016 Tennessee
Ma, Zhenqiang University of Wisconsin-Madison 2017 Wisconsin
Miller, Jan D. The University of Utah 2014 Utah
McGinity, James W. The University of Texas at Austin 2016 Texas
Metcalfe, Robert M. The University of Texas at Austin 2013 Texas
Milner, Thomas E. The University of Texas at Austin 2015 Texas
Magnusson, Robert The University of Texas at Arlington 2012 Texas
Miller, Duane D. The University of Tennessee Health Science Center 2014 Tennessee
Molisch, Andreas F. University of Southern California 2015 California
Martin, Dean F. University of South Florida 2015 Florida
Mohapatra, Shyam University of South Florida 2012 Florida
Morejon, Israel J. University of South Florida 2016 Florida
Markin, Rodney S. University of Nebraska Medical Center 2015 Nebraska
Mello, Craig C. University of Massachusetts Medical School 2012 Massachusetts
Mote, Jr., Clayton Daniel University of Maryland 2017 Maryland
Moller, Gregory University of Idaho 2017 Idaho
Moudgil, Brij M. University of Florida 2014 Florida
Muzyczka, Nicholas University of Florida 2016 Florida
Muradov, Nazim Z. University of Central Florida 2016 Florida
Mishra, Umesh K. University of California, Santa Barbara 2015 California
Madni, Asad M. University of California, Los Angeles 2014 California
Madou, Marc J. University of California, Irvine 2014 California
Marcu, Laura University of California, Davis 2017 California
Marletta, Michael A. University of California, Berkeley 2013 California
Mathies, Richard A. University of California, Berkeley 2014 California
McGeer, Edith G. The University of British Columbia 2015 Canada
McGeer, Patrick L. The University of British Columbia 2015 Canada

* indicates deceased
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