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Journal History

Previous Issues of Technology Journal

Formerly the journal Technology, Technology and Innovation (T&I) was published by Cognizant Communication Corporation from 2010-2015, with the National Academy of Inventors® (NAI) serving as the editors of the journal. On January 1, 2016, the NAI took over as the owner and publisher of the journal. The journal serves a key role in meeting the NAI's mission to recognize academic invention and inventors and enhance the visibility of non-profit and university technology and innovation.

Aims and Scope

Technology and Innovation, edited and published by the National Academy of Inventors®, is a forum for presenting information encompassing the entire field of applied sciences, with a focus on transformative technology and academic innovation. As a part of our mission to honor academic invention, we are pleased to feature an article from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and a profile of a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors® in every issue.

Owing to the broad nature of the applied sciences, authors should be guided by the interest of the readers who are likely to be knowledgeable non-specialist scholars. Articles deal with a wide range of topics including:

  • Advances in transformative technology and translational science
  • Critical assessments of specific segments of science, engineering, medicine, or other technologies
  • Economics of a technology, governmental and policy action, and innovation as related to intellectual property
  • Environmental (including human health) impact of various technologies
  • Historical, societal, ethical, and related aspects of science, engineering, medicine, or technology
  • The process of innovation and invention